Item 1

Call to Order 1. Citizen Comments

Item 2

Consider summary minutes from the December 13, 2010 and January 10, 2011 meetings

Item 3

Consider appointing a CAMPO representative to the Lone Star Rail District Board of Directors

Item 4

Consider appointing a CAMPO representative, preferably the CAMPO Director, to the General Assembly of the Capital Area Council of Governments

Item 5

Consider selection of projects to receive STP MM funding in FY 2011

Item 6

Consider a resolution approving Amendment 1 to the CAMPO FY 2011 Unified Planning Work Program

Items 7-8

7. Consider, regarding the Federal Transit Administration’s Livability Grant recently awarded to Capital Metro A. An Interlocal with the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) for $400,000 for travel demand model improvements and B. Extending the current travel demand modeling improvements contract 8. Consider a resolution authorizing the Director to negotiate and execute an Interlocal Agreement with the Center for Transportation Research at the University of Texas at Austin

Item 9

Consider an amendment to the CAMPO Donation and Gift Policy

Item 10

Consider updating the composition of the Executive Committee

Item 11

Reports by Chair(s) of CAMPO Committee(s) A. Budget, Audit and Finance Committee

Items 12-14

12. Director’s Report A. Report on the status of the FY 2011 CAMPO budget B. Report on the status of the STP MM Call for Project Applications process C. Report on the status of the HUD/DOT/EPA Sustainability Grant D. Report on the status of Regional Transit Coordination Plan update E. Report on Commute Solutions 2011 Program 13. Chairman’s Report A. Scheduling additional committee presentations and reports i. Equity Committee ii. Executive Committee iii. Finance Committee iv. Regionally Significant Project Committee v. Technical Advisory Subcommittee vi. Transit Working Group B. Cancellation of the March 2011 Transportation Policy Board meeting 14. Adjourn
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