Items I & II

I. Pledge of Allegiance II. Public Comment: 1. Anthony Walker representing East Side Coalition regarding CMTA/Star Tran agendas. 2. Pat Bartel representing Austin Council for the Blind regarding MetroAccess issues, taxi vouchers and third party functional contractor.

Item III

Advisory Committee Updates: 1. Customer Satisfaction Committee (CSAC); and 2. Access Advisory Committee (AAC).

Item V

Board Committee Updates: 1. Finance/Audit committee; 2. Rail committee; 3. Operations/Planning committee; 4. Labor committee; and 5. CAMPO Update

Item VI 1 & 2

1. Board minutes for June 27, 2011 board meeting 2. Contract for rideshare fleet vehicle maintenance

Item VI 3

Contract for security equipment and maintenance services

Item VI 4

Contract for miscellaneous concrete construction

Item VI 5

Contract for MetroAccess taxi voucher system

Item VI 6

Contract for buswash purchase

Item VI 7

Contract for replacement of Network Switch at CTECC

Item VI 8

Contract for third party functional assessment services

Item VI 9

Contract for naming rights sales program

Item VI 10

Access Advisory Committee appointment

Items VII-X

VII. Reports: 1. Planning/Development 2. Operations 3. Finance 4. President's Report IX. Items for Future Discussion: X. Adjournment
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