Work Session Item 1

Discussion of the Labor Structure

Work Session Item 2

Discussion of the Strategetic Plan

Item I

Pledge of Allegiance

Item II

Public Comment: 1. Michael Zitz-Evancih regarding Smart Card and Routes 240/466 2. Sandra Seekamp regarding MetroAccess Issues

Items III and IV

Advisory Committee Updates: 1. Customer Satisfaction Committee (CSAC); and 2. Access Advisory Committee (AAC). Executive Session:

Item V-4

Labor committee

Item VI-1

Board Minutes for April 27, 2011 board meeting and public hearings for March 28, 2011 and April 13, 2011

Item V-2

Rail committee

Item V-1

Finance/Audit committee

Item V-3

Operations/Planning committee

Item V-5

CAMPO Update

Item VI-2

Build Central Texas Suburban Communities Program ILA-Project List and Agreements

Item VI-3

MetroRapid FTA Project Construction Grant Agreement

Item VI-5

Construction of Manor Park and Ride Facility

Items VI-6 and VI-7

Allocation of Funds for Board Member to Attend APTA Rail Conference Allocation of Funds for Board Member to Attend APTA Transit Board Seminar

Item VIII-2


Item VIII-3


Item VIII-4

President's Report
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