Item I

Pledge of Allegiance

Item II

Public Comment: 1. Diane Bomar-Aleman regarding MMWG conclusions

Item IV

Executive Session: Section 551.071 of the Texas Government Code-Legal advice regarding labor structure Section 551.072 of the Texas Government Code-Real property issues

Item III.1

Customer Satisfaction Committee (CSAC)

Item III.2

Access Advisory Committee (AAC).

Item V

Board Committee Updates: 1. Finance/Audit committee; 2. Rail committee; 3. Operations/Planning committee; and 4. Labor committee.

Item VI.1

Board Minutes for February 28, 2011 and March 28, 2011 Board Meetings.

Item VI.2

Amending the Fiscal Year 2011 Capital Budget for the Purpose of Purchasing Security Equipment.

Item VI.3

United Healthcare for Stoploss Reinsurance for 2011 through 2014.

Item VI.4

August 2011 Service Changes.

Item VI.5

Appointment of Board Member to the Labor Committee.

Item VII.1

Labor Cost Analysis

Item VII.2

Smart Card Testing Results

Items VIII-X

VIII. Reports: 1. Planning/Development 2. Operations 3. Finance 4. President's Report IX. Items for Future Discussion: X. Adjournment
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