Executive Session

e City Council will go into a closed session under Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code to receive advice from legal counsel, to discuss matters of land acquisition, to discuss personnel matters, to discuss or take action on a “competitive matter” of Austin Energy as provided for under Section 551.086, or for other reasons permitted by law as specifically listed on this agenda. If necessary, the City Council may go into a closed session as permitted by law regarding any item on this agenda.

Item 8

Authorize negotiation and execution of a contract with TRC ENVIRONMENTAL CORPORATION, Austin, Texas, or one of the other qualified offerors for RFP Solicitation No. CLMB301A, for the Reissue - Holly Street Power Plant Decommissioning Project for $11,502,518, plus $575,126 contingency for a total not-to-exceed amount of $12,077,644. Related to Item #2.

Item 28

Authorize negotiation and execution of three 30-month contracts through the State of Texas Department of Information Resources cooperative purchasing program with INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION, Armonk, NY, for the development and purchase of a Sustainable Places Analytics software tool for Economic Growth and Redevelopment Services in an amounts not to exceed $1,450,000 for a services contract, $350,000 for a software/hosting contract, and $18,000 for a hardware contract.

Item 13

Approve an ordinance amending the Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Operating Budget (Ordinance No. 20100913-002) of the Sustainability Fund to increase expenses by $150,000 for the African American Youth Resource Center.

Item 41

Approve a resolution commending and supporting the Navy League Council of Austin for their continuing efforts to have a U.S. Navy ship named the USS Austin. ( Notes: SPONSOR: Mayor Lee Leffingwell CO 1: Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez )

Item 42

Approve a resolution initiating amendments to City Code Title 25 and Chapter 11-1 and directing the City Manager to develop an ordinance, make recommendations, and take other actions relating to the City's historic preservation program.( Notes SPONSOR: Council Member William Spelman CO 1: Council Member Laura Morrison )
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