Call to Order

CALL TO ORDER (4:00pm)

Citizens Communication

(4:05pm-4:20pm) The first five speakers signed up prior to the Call to Order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Item 1

APPROVAL OF MINUTES (4:20pm-4:25pm)

Item 2

City of Austin Homeless (4:20pm-5:00pm) Sponsored by Commissioners Hausenfluck, Scruggs and Webber Speakers: - Brian Manley, Chief of Austin Police Department - Lori Pampilo Harris, Homeless Strategy Office

Item 3

2020 Regular Meeting Schedule for Public Safety Commission (5:00pm-5:05pm)

Item 4

Council Committee Agenda Request – Fee Waivers not to be extended to for profit events (5:05pm-5:10pm))

Item 5

Update on 2019 Traffic Fatalities for City of Austin – (5:10pm – 5:25pm) Speakers: - Eric Miesse, Austin Police Department Highway Enforcement - Lewis Leff, Austin Transportation Department

Item 6

Update on EMS 911 Special Code Calls - (5:25-5:50pm) Speaker: - Austin Police Department - Austin/Travis County Emergency Medical Services

Item 7

Future Agenda Items (5:50pm– 6:00pm)

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