Call to Order

Call to Order

Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Approval: A1, B3, B6 - B11

Disapproval: B12

Postponements: B1, B2

Citizen Communication

The first four (4) speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Item B4

Zoning: C14-2019-0124 - Ramendu Complex at Lyndon Lane; District 6 Location: 12303 Morris Road, Lake Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Ramendu Complex at Lyndon Lane (Amar Gulhane) Agent: Thos Watts Planning (Thos B. Watts) Request: I-RR to SF-6 Staff Rec.: Recommendation of SF-3 Staff: Sherri Sirwaitis, 512-974-3057 Planning and Zoning Department

Item B5

Rezoning: C14-2019-0131 - Covert Ford; District 10 Location: 11514 Research Boulevard Southbound Service Road, Bull Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: D.R. Brothers Management, LLC (Rox B. Covert, Duke M. Covert, and Danay C. Covert) Agent: Alice Glasco Consulting (Alice Glasco) Request: LO to GR Staff Rec.: Not Recommended Staff: Sherri Sirwaitis, 512-974-3057 Planning and Zoning Department

Item B9

Site Plan: SPC-2019-0078C - Solera Reserve; District 10 Location: 6401 FM 2222 Road, West Bull Creek Watershed Owner/Applicant: Champion Assets, LTD & Champion-Meier Assets, LTD Agent: Kimley-Horn and Associates (Joel Wixson) Request: Conduct a public hearing with no action for a Hill Country Roadway site plan. Staff Rec.: Public Hearing Only - Recommendation Not Applicable at This Time Staff: Anaiah Johnson, 512-974-2932 Development Services Department

Item C1

2020 Zoning and Platting Commission Meeting Schedule Discussion and possible action to adopt the Zoning and Platting Commission 2020 meeting schedule.

Item D1

Revision of the Austin Land Development Code Discussion and possible action regarding matters related to any proposed revisions to the Land Development Code including but not limited to staff updates, presentations and scheduling. Co-Sponsors: Chair Kiolbassa, Vice-Chair Duncan

Item F

F. COMMITTEE REPORTS & WORKING GROUPS Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee (Vice-Chair Duncan, Commissioners: Barrera-Ramirez and Denkler) Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Commissioners: Aguirre, Evans and Smith) Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Commissioners: Aguirre, King and Ray) Affordable Housing Working Group (Commissioners: Aguirre, King and Tatkow) ADJOURNMENT
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