Items 1 & 2


2. CITIZEN COMMUNICATIONS: GENERAL Speaker should sign up to speak prior to the meeting called to order; you will receive a three-minute allotment for concerns not posted on the agenda.

Item 3

APPROVAL OF MINUTES AND ACTION ITEMS a. Approve the minutes of the Environment Board regular meeting on October 17, 2012

b. Approve the 2013 Environmental Board meeting schedule.

Items 4 & 5D


5. STAFF BRIEFING AND POSSIBLE ACTION d. 2011-2012 Lady Bird Lake Annual Concessions Report– Kirk Scanlon and Beverly Mendez, Parks and Recreation Department

Item 5B

Briefing on the Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads for 4 watersheds in Austin - Chris Herrington,Watershed Protection Department

Item 5C

Briefing on hydrilla management in Lake Austin – Mary Gilroy, Watershed Protection Department

Item 5F

Briefing on Emma Long Trail Closures –Sherri Kuhl-Austin Water Utility

Item 5A

Briefing on single use bags – Bob Gedert, Austin Resource Recovery

Item 5E

Environmental Officer’s report on future agenda items, hot topics, and past Board actions – Chuck Lesniak, Watershed Protection Department

Item 6 - 8

6. OLD BUSINESS AND REPORTS 1) Update on the Joint Environmental/Parks Board Subcommittee – Mary Ann Neely, and Jennifer Walker. 2) Urban Growth Policy Committee – Mary Gay Maxwell, James Schissler, P. E., and Marisa Perales 3) Water Treatment Plant #4 Committee – Mary Gay Maxwell, Chair, Bob Anderson, Robin Gary & Mary Ann Neely. 4) Development Committee – Bob Anderson, Chair, Mary Gay Maxwell, Marisa Perales, and James Schissler. 5) Water Quality Regulations Committee – Mary Ann Neely, Chair, Robin Gary, & Jennifer Walker. 6) Watershed Protection Budget Committee – Mary Gay Maxwell, Mary Ann Neely & Bob Anderson 7) Reports from Board representatives to other committees.

7. NEW BUSINESS - Future agenda items

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