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Item 1

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Approve minutes of the October 16, 2017 regular meeting.

Consent Agenda

6. (12/7) Authorize negotiation and execution of all documents and instruments necessary or desirable to acquire a permanent electric transmission and distribution easement consisting of two tracts of land: Tract 1, approximately 1,522 square feet of land out of the Samuel Cushing Survey Number 70, Abstract Number 164; and Tract 2, approximately 2,927 square feet of land out of the Marquita Castro Survey Number 50, Abstract Number 160, both situated in the City of Austin 2 Mile ETJ, Travis County, Texas; for the relocation of a section of Austin Energy’s Transmission Circuit 975, in an amount not to exceed $82,471.62 including closing costs. SMITH

7. (12/7) Authorize award and execution of a multi-term contract with Priester-Mell & Nicholson, Inc., to provide air insulated padmount switchgear, for up to five years for a total contract amount not to exceed $3,793,350. [Purchasing Office] SMITH

8. (12/7) Authorize award and execution of a multi-term contract with Texas Electric Cooperatives, to provide relays for switchgear and relay panels, for up to five years for a total contract amount not to exceed $1,243,295. [Purchasing Office] SMITH

9. (12/7) Authorize negotiation and execution of a professional services agreement with Stanley Consultants, Inc., (staff recommendation) or one of the other qualified responders for Request for Qualifications Solicitation No. CLMP232, to provide engineering services for design of a Future Downtown Gas-Insulated-Switchgear Substation, in an amount to exceed $1,400,000. [Capital Contracting Office] SMITH

Item 4

(12/7) Authorize negotiation and execution of a membership agreement with the Electric Power Research Institute, for research programs related to advanced distribution operations and planning, more efficient transmission, distribution, and generation operations, integration of distributed energy resources, demand response, and electric vehicles, for a term of three years, in an amount not to exceed $1,200,000. SHALABI

Item 5

(12/7) Approve a resolution authorizing the filing of eminent domain proceedings for the fee acquisition and surface estate of approximately 455,086 square feet of land in the Santiago Del Valle Grant Abstract Number 24, Travis County, Texas, being out of and a portion of the remainder of that called 166.598 acres of land as described to George W. Brewer in that certain partition deed as recorded in Volume 9106, Page 615, Real Property Records Travis County, Texas, in the amount of $1,190,000, for the public purpose of an electric substation to serve growing electrical loads in the South I-35 corridor. The owners of the needed property interest are Billie Jo Figer, Michael G. Figer, Donald K. Figer, Betsy A. Lambeth, Keith H. Harmon and Bonnie G. Harmon as trustees of the Harmon Family Trust. The property is located at 1101 East Slaughter Lane, just south of Brandt Road, within the Austin 2 Mile ETJ, in Travis County, Texas. SMITH

Item 10

(12/7) Authorize execution of all three extension options, for a combined amount of $9,000,000, related to the 24-month Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity construction services contract with Bilfinger Westcon, Inc., for the installation of chilled water piping construction in the right-of-way, in the amount of $6,000,000, for a total contract amount not to exceed $15,000,000. [Capital Contracting Office] COLLINS

Item 12


Presentation regarding the Environment section of the Austin Energy Monthly Performance Dashboard. SHALABI and KIMBERLY

Item 13

Presentation regarding a low-income community solar discount proposal. KIMBERLY

Item 14


Discussion regarding potential topics for future EUC meetings that might require closed session. (Ferchill, Osborne)

Item 15

Update regarding EV Working Group. (Ferchill, Osborne)

Item 16

Proposed 2018 EUC Meeting Schedule.

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