Items 1 & 2


1. Approve the minutes of the Audit and Finance Committee meeting of October 28, 2015.

Citizen Communication: General

2. A maximum of five speakers signed up before the meeting is called to order will each be allowed three minutes to address topics not posted for committee action. Speakers may also sign up for specific items that the committee may take action on.

Item 3

General Discussion and Possible Action

3. The Prioritization of Affordable Housing Development Audit, which evaluated the effectiveness of Neighborhood Housing and Community Development department’s strategic planning efforts to prioritize and address the City’s affordable housing goals and needs (City Auditor).

Item 4

Approval of Audit and Finance Committee meeting dates for calendar year 2016 (City Auditor).

Item 5

Draft resolution regarding lobbyist reform, including proposed changes to City Code Chapter 4-8 pertaining to regulation of lobbyists, and City Code Chapter 2-7 pertaining to the Ethics Review Commission.

Item 6

Proposed amendments to Title 2 of City Code, relating to the functions and duties of the City Auditor and the Ethics Review Commission.

Item 8

Presentation on options for code changes for Chapter 2-1 relating to the Downtown Commission (City Clerk).

Items 7 & 9

7. Proposed changes to Board and Commission bylaws (City Clerk).

9. Discussion of future agenda items.

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