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Consent Agenda

Consent Items: 1, B3, B4, D4 - D6, E1, 5B

Postponed Items

Postponed: B1, B2

Item 2A

Land Development Code Revision Speaker: LDC Team representative, City of Austin

Item 2B

Palm District Master Plan Proposal Briefing Speaker: Stevie Greathouse, Planning and Zoning Department

Item 3 D2

HDP-2019-0534 – Discussion 3303 Southill Circle Council District 10 Proposal: Demolish a ca. 1963 house. Applicant: Southwest Destructors City Staff: Kalan Contreras, Historic Preservation Office, 974-2727 Staff Recommendation: Consider initiation of historic zoning based on architecture and historical association with John Coyle White. Should the Commission choose to release the demolition permit, encourage rehabilitation and adaptive re-use or relocation, and require completion of a City of Austin Documentation Package.

Item 3 D1

DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION ON APPLICATIONS FOR DEMOLITION OR RELOCATION HDP-2019-0517 – Discussion 1911 Robbins Place Council District 9 Proposal: Demolish a ca. 1934 house. Applicant: Luis Carrillo

Item 3 D3

HDP-2019-0544 – Discussion 1208 E. Howard Lane Council District 7 Proposal: Demolish a 19th century house, believed to be dating from the 1850s. Applicant: Angelica Anderson, D.R. Horton Homes City Staff: Steve Sadowsky, Historic Preservation Office, 974-6454 Staff Recommendation: Initiate historic zoning or postpone to December 16, 2019 to fully evaluate historical associations.

Item 5C


Item 5A

COMMITTEE REPORTS 1. Certificate of Appropriateness Review Committee 2. Operations Committee 3. Grants Committee 4. Preservation Plan Committee Draft recommendation regarding Land Development Code revision

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