Item 1

Citizen Communication (3 minutes to speak)

Item 2

Approval of October 24, 2013 and November 5, 2013 minutes

Item 3

The Procure to Pay Process Audit which determine whether procurement of goods and services is processed in compliance with the City’s established procure to pay policies and procedures (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 4

The Fiscal Year 2013 Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenue Audit (Report 2 of 2) which determined whether three hotels reported hotel occupancy tax exemptions to the City Controller in accordance with City and State laws (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 5

Formation of a new committee, the Transportation Network Companies Committee, of the Urban Transportation Commission (Office of the City Clerk)

Item 6

Discussion of City Hall renovations and the location of the Office of the City Auditor during and after the transition to Single Member Districts

Item 7

Update on the status of the City of Austin Gift Policy as requested by the Audit and Finance Committee at the May 8 meeting (Human Resources Department)

Item 8

The Privacy of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Audit which evaluated the protection of PII collected and/or stored by the City (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 9

The Zero Waste Audit which evaluated if the City’s Zero Waste efforts are measurable, achievable, and meeting established goals (Office of the City Auditor)

Item 10

Status report on the Quarterly Water Treatment Plant 4 (Austin Water Utility Department)
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