Item I

Pledge of Allegiance

Item II

Safety Briefing

Item III

Public Comment

Item IV

Advisory Committee Updates: 1. Customer Satisfaction Advisory Committee (CSAC); and 2. Access Advisory Committee (AAC).

Item V 1

Finance, Audit and Administration Committee

Item V 2


Consent Agenda

Consent Items: 1. Approval of Board of Directors minutes for the October 27, 2014 board meeting 2. Approval of an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Austin for reimbursement for storm water pipe installation 3. Approval of a contract for government relations consulting with Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell 4. Approval of a ratification of a contract for a computer network system forensics review with Mandiant, LLC 5. Approval of ratification of a contract for installation of transit advertising with Trans1Graphix

Item VII 1

Approval of a contract for the purchase of four Diesel Multiple Unit(DMU) Commuter Rail Vehicles with Stadler Bussnang AG

Item VII 2

Approval of a contract for the purchase of 35’ and 40’ Transit Buses with Gillig, Inc.

Item VIII 1

Late Night and Event Marketing

Item VIII 2

Fare Change Communications

Executive Session

EXECUTIVE SESSION: Section 551.074 – Personnel Matters regarding President/CEO Annual Review and Section 551.071 Legal Advice – Labor Requirements

Item VII 3

Approval of the President/CEO annual performance review

Item IX 1

Quarterly Ridership Update

Item IX 2

Quarterly Operations Update

Item IX 3

President/CEO Report
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