Citizen Communication

The first four (4) speakers signed up prior to the meeting being called to order will each be allowed a three-minute allotment to address their concerns regarding items not posted on the agenda.

Reading of the Agenda

Reading of the Agenda

Consent Agenda

Consent: A1, B4, B6

Postponed: B1

Item B2

Rezoning: C14H-2019-0148 - Edward and Connie Rendon House; District 3 Location: 1705 Haskell Street; East Cesar Chavez NP Area, Lady Bird Lake Watershed Owner/Applicant: Historic Landmark Commission Request: SF-3-NP to SF-3-H-NP Staff Rec.: Recommended Staff: Steve Sadowsky, 512-974-6454 Planning and Zoning Department

Item B3

Code Amendment: C20-2014-030 - Central Health Owner/Applicant: City of Austin Request: Discuss and consider an amendment to Title 25 of the City Code related to allowable uses, building heights, floor area ratio, and general site development standards for the area relatively located within the Central Health downtown campus. Staff: Jerry Rusthoven, 512-974-3207 Planning and Zoning Department

Item B5

Site Plan: SP-2018-0620C - Austin Humane Society; District 4 Location: 837 E Anderson Service Road Eastbound; St. Johns NP Area, Buttermilk Branch Watershed Owner/Applicant: Austin Humane Society Agent: Garrett-Ihnen (Norma Divine) Request: Approve a Phasing Plan with a start date for the final phase more than 3 years from the Permit Date. Applicant requests 25 years. Staff Rec.: Staff recommends 7 years Staff: Randall Rouda, 512-974-3338 Development Services Department

Item E

Codes and Ordinances Joint Committee

Vice-Chair Kenny and Commissioners Azhar, Anderson and Seeger) Comprehensive Plan Joint Committee (Chair Kazi and Commissioners: Flores, Llanes-Pulido and Shaw) Joint Sustainability Committee (Commissioners Schneider and Seeger, secondary) Small Area Planning Joint Committee (Commissioners: Hempel, Howard, Thompson and Shieh) South Central Waterfront Advisory Board (Commissioner Anderson)

Additional Item

Additional Item

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