Call to Order


Item 2A

NEW BUSINESS (Discussion and Possible Action): Discussion and possible action on the Block 71 Redevelopment project, located at 200 W. 6th St., seeking a finding of “substantial compliance with the Urban Design Guidelines for Austin,” one of the three Gatekeeper requirements of Downtown Density Bonus Program – LDC §25?2?586 (Jade Kanevski, Project Manager, Page) (30 mins.);

Item 2B

Introduction of new City Architect, Janice White (Raymundo Minjarez, COA Public Works Dept.)(10 mins.);

Item 2C

Staff briefing on application of Subchapter E for park improvement projects (Christine Barton-Holmes, COA Development Services Dept.) (10 mins.);

Item 2D

Discussion and possible action on the Town Lake Metro Park – Holly-Festival Master Plan Implementation Phase 1 project, located at 2101 Jesse E. Segovia St., seeking a review of compliance with city design and sustainability standards per Council Resolution 20071129-046 (Rey Hernandez, COA Parks & Rec Dept.) (30 mins.);

Item 3A

OLD BUSINESS (Discussion and Possible Action): Courtesy briefing on the Austin Energy District Cooling Plant No.3 project, located at 812 ½ West Second Street (Carlos Cordova, COA Austin Energy) (15 mins.);

Item 3B

Discussion and possible action on how the Design Commission reviews against the Urban Design Guidelines and what substantial compliance means (Chair D. Carroll) (20 min.);

Item 3C

Discussion and possible action on upgrading and incorporating infrastructure into the Urban Design Guidelines as directed by City Council Resolution No. 20120816- 060 (Chair D. Carroll) (15 mins.);

Item 3D

Discussion and possible action on CodeNEXT’s draft codes, maps, and processes (Chair D. Carroll) (5 mins.);

Item 4A

COMMISSION-SPECIFIC BUSINESS (Discussion and Possible Action): Discussion and possible action on the October 23, 2017 meeting minutes (5 mins.);

Item 4B

Discussion and possible action on 2018 meeting schedule (Chair D. Carroll) (5 mins.);

Item 4C

Liaison Reports (10 mins.);

Item 4D

Appointment of Committee/Working Group members by Chair;

Item 6

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS: a. Staff briefing on City of Austin’s tree funding (tentatively winter); b. Staff briefing on trees & density bonus projects (tentatively winter); c. Staff briefing on municipal building projects, including Shipe Park and Onion Creek Fire & EMS Station (tentatively winter); d. Staff briefing on 405 Colorado density bonus project (tentatively winter); e. Presentation on the Downtown Parking Strategy (tentatively January 2018);

Item 7

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS: a. Chair Announcements (5 mins.); b. Items from Commission Members (5 mins.); c. Items from City Staff (5 mins.);

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