Item 1

Call to Order – 4:00pm 1. Approval of Minutes (4:00 pm – 4:05 pm)

Item 2

Citizen Communications (4:05 pm – 4:20 pm) a. Citizens wishing to speak on agenda and non agenda related items will need to sign up ten minutes before the meeting is called to order. Non agenda related citizen communications will be discussed during this period and will be limited to the first 5 speakers. Citizen Communications on agenda related items will be allowed after an item’s presentation has been made. Each citizen communicator will be given 3 minutes to speak.

Item 3a

Overview of Onion Creek Flooding and Response and Recovery Efforts – AFD Chief of Staff Harry Evans (20 minutes)

Item 3f

Call Center 9-1-1 Staffing –Marcia Brooks, Austin Police Department Communications Manager (10 minutes)

Item 3b

Ending Homelessness in Austin – Ann Howard, Executive Director of the Ending Community Homeless Coalition (20 minutes)

Item 3c

Call Load Involving Persons with Mental Health Conditions – Assistant Police Chief Brian Manley (15 minutes)

Item 3d

Staffing/Organizational Studies for EMS Service Delivery – Austin/Travis County EMS Chief Ernesto Rodriguez (10 minutes)

Item 3g

Taskforce Volunteer Opportunity: Transition Plan for Boards and Commissions – Public Safety Commission (10 minutes)

Item 4

4. Discussion regarding Future Agenda Items (5:50 pm – 6:00pm) Adjournment
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