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Item 1

Approval of Minutes Approve the minutes of the Audit and Finance Committee Meeting of October 24, 2018.

Item 6

The fourth audit in a Homelessness Assistance Audit Series, which analyzed the outcomes of current efforts to serve the city’s homeless population. (City Auditor’s Office)

Item 3

Discussion and Possible Action

Approval of Audit and Finance Committee Dates for 2019. (City Auditor's Office)

Items 4 & 5

4. Audit of City Coordination in the Right of Way, which looked at whether the City is effectively coordinating in the right of way to minimize traffic disruptions and maximize traffic flow. (City Auditor’s Office)

5. Audit of Austin Transportation Department Cash Handling Practices, which examined risks identified by City Auditor staff. (City Auditor’s Office)

Item 7

Audit of the Home Repair Programs, which examined the effectiveness and coordination of home repair programs for low-income residents. (City Auditor’s Office)

Item 9

Presentation of the Paper Census initiative that is aimed at identifying opportunities for the City of Austin to transition to paperless systems (Austin Tech Alliance)

Item 8

City Attorney's Quarterly Report regarding enforcement of Lobbyist Regulations, Chapter 4-8 of the City Code. (Law Department)

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