Item 1


Item 2

Dynamic Traffic Study Report for SH 45(SW)

Item 3A

Summary minutes from the November 18, 2013 meeting

Item 3B

Recommended modification to the Bylaws of the Technical Advisory Committee

Item 3C

Interlocal Agreement with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute for conducting 2014 Regional Transit Coordination Committee workshop

Item 3D

Reconsider performance measure “Lane miles of roads and transit crossing high environmentally sensitive areas” for scenario evaluation

Item 3E

Financial forecast to be used for scenario development

Item 3F

A process to allocate available funds in the CAMPO region

Items 4 - 7

4. Report from the CAMPO Director A. Transportation Improvement Program development and Plan amendment schedule B. 2040 Plan development update 5. Report from the Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee 6. Report from the Chair of the Transportation Policy Board 7. Adjourn
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