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Item 4A

F#10048-1810 and F#10049-1810 Alley Vacation of W. 17th St. (Entire 20-ft Wide Alley Traversing Block 33, Division E, of the Government Tracts Adjoining City of Austin) – Discussion and Possible Action Presentation by: Kim Vasquez, Property Agent Senior, Office of Real Estate Services

Item 4B

City of Austin State Legislative Agenda for the 86th Texas Legislative Session – Briefing Presentation by: Brie Franco, Intergovernmental Relations Officer, Intergovernmental Relations Office SPONSOR: Commissioner O’Reilly CO 1: Commissioner Johnson

Item 4D

Upcoming Transit Enhancement Program projects, including transit improvements on West Fifth Street between West Lynn and Baylor streets – Briefing Presentation by: Jordan Swain, Austin Transportation Department Mike Schofield, Austin Transportation Department

Item 4C

Urban Trails Program updates: Northern Walnut Creek Trail, Country Club Creek Trail, Violet Crown Trail, and Austin to Manor Trail – Briefing Presentation by: Ana Seivert, Urban Trails Project Coordinator, Public Works Department Janae Spence, Urban Trails Program Manager, Public Works Department

Item 2


Item 5

STAFF AND COMMITTEE REPORTS A. Downtown Commission B. Joint Sustainability Commission C. Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC) D. Pedestrian Advisory Council (PAC) E. City Council Mobility Committee F. Vision Zero Task Force G. Multimodal Community Advisory Committee

Items 6 & 7

6. FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS These items will NOT be discussed by the commission as part of this agenda. A. Transit Review Process in Zoning Change Requests and Site Plan Applications (Davis, Champion; February) B. Draft Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (Staff; February) C. Wayfinding (Weatherby; TBD) D. Street Impact Fees (Gins, Rangel; TBD) E. Land Development Code (Davis; TBD)

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