Item 1


Approval of Minutes 1.Approve the minutes of the Audit and Finance Committee meeting of November 16, 2015.

Item 3

Approval of Audit and Finance Committee meeting dates for calendar year 2016 (City Auditor).

Item 4

Animal Services Audit management response.

Item 8

Recommendation regarding code changes for Chapter 2-1 relating to the African American Resource Advisory Commission.

Item 9

Process for appointment and reappointment of Municipal Civil Service Commissioners.

Item 5

Airport Construction Project Audit, which evaluated the City's process related to construction projects at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (City Auditor).

Item 7

Campaign Finance Data Initiative (City Clerk Office).

Item 10

Consider and develop recommendations on an ordinance amending the Fiscal Year 2015-16 Operating Budget of Austin Resource Recovery (Ordinance No. 20150908-001) to increase transfers out by $2,792,001 and amending the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Austin Resource Recovery Capital Budget (Ordinance No. 20150908-002) to transfer in and appropriate $2,792,001 from the Austin Resource Recovery Operating Budget for facility development and construction. Related to Item #11.

Item 11

Consider and develop recommendations on the negotiation and execution of all documents and instruments necessary or desirable to sell approximately 9.405 acres of land, located at Lot 1, Block "E", Missouri-Pacific Industrial Park, Section One, a subdivision in Travis County, Texas, according to the map or plat thereof, recorded in Volume 52, Page 21 of the Plat Records of Travis County, Texas, and locally known as 4711 Winnebago Lane, to Jimmy Nassour in the amount of $1,450,001 for the land (District 2). Related to Item #10.

Item 13

Discussion of future agenda items.
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